LS7166A 24-BIT Quadrature Counter

The LS7166A is no longer available for purchase.

US Digital is designating end-of-life status for the LSI LS7166A 24-Bit Quadrature Counter effective immediately. We have been informed by LSI Computer Systems that the LS7166A 24-Bit Quadrature Counter has been discontinued and currently note their LS7166B is a pin-to-pin replacement for the LS7166A. Please view the LSI product change notice for additional, important details. We currently do not carry the LS7166B, but plan to add it to our inventory soon.

LS7166A Product Description

Restriction of Hazardous Substances

The LSI Computer Systems LS7166A is a CMOS, 24-bit counter which you can program to operate in several functional modes. The operating modes are set up by writing configuration data into control registers. There are three 6-bit and one 2-bit control registers for configuring the functional modes. In addition to the control registers, a 5-bit status register indicates the instantaneous device status. A 24-bit preset register is available for presetting the counter. It also serves as the division factor in the mod-N count mode. The device communicates with a host controller over an 8-bit 3-state bidirectional data bus through read/write operations. In addition, several discrete inputs and outputs facilitate instantaneous hardware control functions and instantaneous status indication.

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