LS7166A-S 24-BIT Quadrature Counter

LS7166A-S Features

  • Programmable count modes
  • DC to 40MHz count frequency
  • 8-bit I/O bus for μP communication and control
  • 24-bit comparator for pre-set count comparison
  • Readable status register
  • Input/output TTL and CMOS compatible
  • 3V to 5.5V operation
  • 20-pin SOIC package

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The LS7166A-S is no longer available for purchase.

US Digital is designating end-of-life status for the LSI LS7166A-S 24-Bit Quadrature Counter effective immediately. We have been informed by LSI Computer Systems that the LS7166A-S 24-Bit Quadrature Counter has been discontinued and currently note their LS7166B is a pin-to-pin replacement for the LS7166A-S. Please view the LSI product change notice for additional, important details. We currently do not carry the LS7166B, but plan to add it to our inventory soon.

LS7166A-S Product Description

Restriction of Hazardous Substances

The LSI Computer Systems LS7166A-S is a CMOS, 24-bit counter which you can program to operate in several functional modes. The operating modes are set up by writing configuration data into control registers. There are three 6-bit and one 2-bit control registers for configuring the functional modes. In addition to the control registers, a 5-bit status register indicates the instantaneous device status. A 24-bit preset register is available for presetting the counter. It also serves as the division factor in the mod-N count mode. The device communicates with a host controller over an 8-bit 3-state bidirectional data bus through read/write operations. In addition, several discrete inputs and outputs facilitate instantaneous hardware control functions and instantaneous status indication.

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Product Notes

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