New shafted miniature encoder joins US Digital’s lineup

US Digital S16 Micro Optical Shaft Encoder


US Digital on January 17, 2022 announced it was expanding its line of miniature encoders with a new shafted encoder.

The S16 Micro Optical Shaft Encoder is about 40 percent smaller than US Digital’s next smallest shafted encoder, the S4T, but comes with higher resolution — up to 4,096 CPR before quadrature — and comes with index.

“This is going to be a very versatile little encoder,” US Digital COO Neal Donowitz said. “The smaller housing makes it easier to fit into the design of modern electronics and systems with smaller components.”

The S16 comes with shaft sizes of 0.125 in, 0.250 in and 6mm. The S16 encoder is available with either a bushing or ball bearing system for high speed applications. The shaft torque is designed to provide the feel of a potentiometer for front-panel manual interfaces.

The S16 is the latest in US Digital’s line of miniature encoders. The company launched the M3K Miniature Magnetic Encoder in February of 2021 and the E16 Micro Optical Kit Encoder in late 2020.

And just like all US Digital encoders, the S16 is designed, manufactured and assembled in the Pacific Northwest.

Visit for more details on the S16 including mechanical drawings, specifications and pricing information.

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     Published 1/18/2022 in News > Press Releases